Secret Meanings

Maison 44 Gallery, Basel

02.04 - 23.04.2016

preMeditations is the exhibition series organised since 2010 at different art venues in Poland and abroad. The very title preMeditations directs our attention both to deliberate, purposeful, premeditated undertakings and to the meditative, contemplative and restrained quality of the artworks on display.
Every single instalment of preMeditations is staged under a different motto. Very often, works are prepared especially for  the space offered by the exhibition in question, all within the context of the accompanying motto. This is an expression of the artist’ involvement with the concrete space. Each exhibition shows a different number of artists, revealing a slightly different image and broadening the circle of artists who are concentrated around the Faculty of Sculpture and Space Activities of the University of Arts in Poznań and Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

curator: Sławomir Brzoska