Fatigue of Materials

Contemporary Art Gallery BWA Katowice, 22.11–16.12.2012
Curator: Marta Lisok

In his most recent works, Michał Smandek has used a variety of materials, including smoke, ash, lead, salt, coal, sand and adhesive. These materials constitute a recording of his private performances, struggles with matter, and his very consistent artistic actions in post-industrial areas, which he has carried out within his project entitled Prace naprawcze (Repair Work). Smandek colonizes space and matter, conducting subtle experiments that aim to test their physical properties to the limit. His approach to reality involves both the passion befitting a scientist who researches the laws of physics, and admirable tenderness, which can be observed during the short time when he uses his realizations to envelop this reality with care.

exhibition view by Studio FilmLove and Dominik Ritszel

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